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Mar. 28th, 2011

Now I realized I neglet LJ too much. '-'

I am... ROYALLY screwed. I have to get some Uruguay pics and cultural facts. I could easily mask with my state's culture those cultural facts. the thing is......... I wanted some Hetalia-like pics of Uruguay (or Martin, how I found he's called (and RS is supposed to be Luciano (Brasil) and his's lovechild xD)

I have nothing interesting to post.
Just to make sure my account is NOT cancelled xD

Writer's Block: No place like home

What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

1. It's cold. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, I love cold weather, it gives me reason to wear two shirts LOL
2. The air. It's so fucking CLEAR, my allergies won't even bother me so much.
3. Lots of space. I mean, it's Brasil, we gotta have space for ~parties~  even tho I only get to see old people and a priest when my family DO throw one LOL
4. Close to everything. Shopping? One block. Walmart? Across the avenue. Police? One bus stop away. Hospital? Two blocks.
5. Nature. Wilderness right away if you look to the side. Kidding. But we DO have lots of indigenous forest remaining, thoug it`s not that hard when your "indigenous forest" is just grass '-'

1 IT'S COLD! @_@ man, I like cold and all, but when your thermic sensation says "DIE, BASTARD HUMAN", it's a little too much ;;
2. The air. I'm almost breathing water. Seriously.
3. Lots of space. BUT I HAVE TO LIVE IN THE CITY, so there you have a CROWDED lot of space --'
4. Close to everything. I can't even say "NOOO I'm lazy, it's too far". ç_ç
5. Nature. Ok, I don't exactly HATE, but try to be bitten twice by reptiles, you won't like it so much anymore --'

Stolen from miss_bilvy

Instructions: Open up your iTunes (or WinAmp, or whatever) and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 1277
How many hours or days of music: 3.1 days
Most recently played: You Might Have Noticed - The Academy Is...
Most played: Cambiamenti - Vanilla Sky
Most recently added: Magic ft Rivers Cuomo - B.O.B.

First Song: Yesterday LIVE - NeverShoutNever! /SHAME
Last Song: Three Times a Lady [COVER] - Cobra Starship

Sort by time.
Shortest Song: My dad singing Os Patinhos /SHAME³³³³³
Longest Song: A Modern Myth - 30 Seconds To Mars

Sort by album
First album: iViva La Cobra! - Cobra Starship
Last album: Zombies! Vampires! Aliens! Dinosaurs! - HelloGoodbye

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Under The Bridge (Red Hot Cover) - Gym Class Heroes *is beaten by boyfriend*

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 2
Life - 10
Love - 48
Hate - 2
You - 153
Sex - 2 (bc I'm all for fluffy LOL)

Ok, this is stupid.

So, I made this for Jen (bc apparently I suck at HTML), I hope she likes, bc to me it sucks ass, but that's my general opinion about my fics, and the reason I post is someone tells me it's good, so here it goes LOL

click the cut if you want :BCollapse )
my new year sucked.
I didn't got drunk, Hyago's parents weren't at Torres, I haven't got my new year's party yet, in sum, SUCKS.

New Year's Eve: we were buying the food. I was gonna cook. HATE when dad says that and starts to criticize everythig I do.
New Year's: Went out with my parents in law. It was sure funnier than staying home eating watermelon. We went fishing. I reminded how to throw the line. weeeeee AND we took some pics.
Today, January 2nd: I'm awake at 02:00 in the morning waiting Hyago's dad, who went home after promising to come here after the funeral. FML

Not in a peachy mood, as you can see.

Writer's Block: Holiday blues

What is the most emotionally challenging aspect of the holidays for you? Do you enjoy this season more or less than you did as a child?

It's always been the whole "christ birthday" part. HE WAS BORN IN MARCH, God '---'
I'm always thinking that the most religious people in the world are worshipping a pagan god, and awkwardly enough, it makes me smile.
And I could never enjoy less a holiday. regular days are boring enough WITHOUT dad, mom, grandma, WHOEVER IT IS, at home pissing me off.
I guess next year I'll try to get a job and get rid of relatives for a change. I'm pretty sure I'm adopted and I wanna be searching for my tr00 parents /wtf LOL
[x] Talked back to a teacher.
[ ] Been kicked out of a class.
[ ] Worn your pajamas to school.
[x] Had your tooth fall out during school.
[ ] Gotten yourself lost in your school.
[x] Broken the dress code in your school.
[ ] Completely and utterly failed a test.
[ ] Left your class without asking anybody.
[ ] Missed a whole week of school for something stupid.
[x] Thrown up your lunch in school.

[x] Argue with your parents a lot.
[ ] Argue with your brother[s] a lot.
[x] Argue with your sister[s] a lot.
[x] Do your own laundry.
[x] Cook dinner once in a while.
[x] Are loud and obnoxious at home.
[x] Wear pajamas when you are not going to go anywhere
[x] You sleep in very long.
[x] All you do is watch television/go on the internet.
[x] Your parents are divorced.
[x] Your family makes you cry a lot
[x] One or both of your grandparents live with you. (Now, I'm living with my dad's mom. --')
[x] You can’t stand being with your parents.

[ ] You currently dislike one or more of your friends.
[ ] You are jealous of one or more of your friends.
[ ] You have known a friend your whole life.
[x] Your friends are all taller than you.
[x] You have been ditched by a friend.
[x] You have memorized a friends phone number.
[x] You have lost/forgotten a friends phone number.
[x] You have been to most of your friends houses.
[x] You love most of your friends

[x] You bite your nails.
[x] You have an odd obsession with knives.
[ ] You cannot sleep with the door closed.
[x] You cannot sleep with the door open
[x] There is at least one sound you cannot stand.
[ ] You write stories about mad cannibalistic serial killers
[x] You are good at telling lies

[x] You currently like/love someone.
[x] You want to kill one of your exs.
[ ] You can’t stay committed for an unusually long time
[ ] You get bored of your crush/bf/gf easily.
[x] A crush/bf/gf has called you self-centered before.
[x] Your ex has dumped you for another girl.

[x] You hate George Bush.
[x] Abortion is horrible and should be illegal.
[x] Gay marriage is fine by you.
[x] Boys make better friends than girls do.
[x] Pink is an ugly color.
[ ] Needles aren’t so horrible.
[ ] Human flesh tastes like fine aged veal
[x] You have plenty of secrets

[x] Fallen up the stairs.
[x] Had your shoelaces tied together.
[x] Had a nail fall off.
[x] Captured, Manipulated, or Destroyed a soul. ("destroyed" is too strong though)
[x] Slapped someone across the face.
[ ] Killed someone.
[x] Worn something inside out for a whole day

î This meme, stolen from Gabhi, made me think a lot.
I swear these things are 100% sincere, and true and shit.
and there's too much x's there.
Man, IDEK.

first off, I hate my current life.
Noth the regular teenage angsty my-life-sucks crisis.
I hate the way I live, bouncing between houses, hate the way both my parents treat me like I'm a mind-deprived kid, just bc I listen to Hadouken! and Lady GaGa.
I hate how I always have to decide with which parent I'll stay. It can't be both, and I wish I never had to chose. Bc I'd stay with live by myself. If I choose mom, dad'll be all miserable and shit over me, and I just ain't the patient and sensible kind of daughter these days. If I choose dad, as I did recently, mom will start acting like she gave a damn before and I was too drawned in teen angst to see, as she's doing.

second: I hate my grandmother's cooking, and she won't let me cook again bc she thinks my food is tasteless. C'MON, she smokes like... like... like a chimney! she's not supposed to eat food and TASTE it, y'know?

And I know, I've been a little grumpy and ranty, but I really have to take this off my chest. Otherwise, I'd go crazy. And I know it's repetitive, but It`s how I feel. u_u

on the bright side, TOMORROW = 2 MONTHS, two happy months with my downright delicious and sweet boyfriend <3
Ok, I gotta take this out of my chest before I go mad for real.

you donCollapse )

I hate the real life.

Writer's Block: Change is good

If you could change one major thing about your life, whether a relationship, your job, your living situation, your school, etc., what would it be? Are you currently working toward a serious life transition?

I'd change my bitchiness. DUDE, I BITCHED ON MY BOYFRIEND YESTERDAY, I feel like real crap fpr that. it's not funny to bitch on someone you love. I had over 30 people online to bitch on and I bitched on him. That really sucks, because that came from unthought thoughts aloud. and I know I really really shoud think about what I say. sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. AW, I don't even know from where those things I said came.

I'll feel guilty till the day I learn to keep my mouth shut when I feel I'm gonna say something about guys and try to put it over Hyago. ç_ç


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